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Don't Buy New, Have Your MRI Coils Refurbished

August 15, 2017

So the coil you have is looking less than optimal, well let’s be honest, it looks pretty rough.  Your budget is tight and you can’t afford the price tag associated with buying another coil for your system.  Have you thought about refurbishing the coil you have?  You might have some questions about that process, so let me outline what we do at ScanMed to get your coil looking as close to new as possible and operating like it was originally designed to work.  


Why Appearance Is Important With Any MRI Coil


Patient perception of the quality of your imaging capabilities starts with the appearance of your imaging suite, the personnel they interact with, and certainly the looks of the coil you are placing on their body.  We have seen just about everything at ScanMed, coils that are cracked, paint chipped, cables fraying, foam torn, straps severely worn, frayed, and sometimes just awful looking.  We pass no judgment as we know our clients are dealing with what they have and doing the best they can with the budget they are accountable for.  But sometimes when we tell them what we can do to make the coil look and operate like new – they seem shocked that you can do that much to the coil. 


The Refurbishment Process At MRICoilsRUs


We start by doing a thorough inspection of the coil, the exterior that the patient sees, and then all the electronics on the interior that form the very image the radiologist is depending on.  We can repair all cracks in the exterior, re-foam the coil (if applicable), 3D laser print exterior components that need replacement, repaint the coil in-house, replace any cables as necessary, and last but not least – repair any electrical issues, tune the coil to OEM specifications and perform final testing (including system testing) to ensure the coil is operating as originally designed.


Unlike Repair, Refurbishment Is Warrantied


We do all of this and warranty our work on the coil for a period of 90 to 120 days depending on the coil.  In addition, we offer a complete one year no fault warranty on the coil, which is probably better than the original warranty on the coil when it was purchased new from the manufacturer.  


So if you feel your coil is looking old and tired – and maybe not performing like you remembered, contact us and we will provide you with a no obligation free quote and talk to you about next steps to evaluate your coil.  Refurbishing what you have could buy you years of imaging performance for a fraction of the cost of replacing the coil.




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