• Do you have a broken MRI coil laying around that you can no longer use?

  • Do you have an older model MRI coil you’d like to replace but it’s no longer available from the OEM?

  • Do you need a functional coil fast but don't have time to retrain your staff on a different model?

MRICoilsRUs has the perfect solution for you

Trade In Your Used MRI Coil for a Completely Refurbished Coil

Trade In Your Old Coil

With our MRI coil exchange program, you can trade in your broken and used MRI coils for a fully refurbished model. 

Simply contact us with the OEM part number and we'll search our extensive on-site inventory for a match. If we don't have your coil in stock, we'll source the coil from our large network.


Once we negotiate a price, we'll send the coil to you right away so you can test it on your own equipment. If it meets your standards, send us your old coil and we'll either repair or purchase the coil from you.

You'll get a better quality MRI coil for less without interrupting your patient throughput.

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